Scoring API

Recommend automatically the best profiles and jobs

Uncover hidden talents. Identify overlooked opportunities. Unlock people's full potential.

The HR industry’s most advanced recommendation engine
built with self-learning AI running on billions of HR data points

With the Scoring API, developers can use a flexible and straightforward API to recommend the right jobs to the right profiles and vice versa. The Scoring API comes with a catalog of audited AI algorithms called Agents pre-trained on billions of HR data points and ready to use. These Agents are entirely customizable. You can re-train them on attributes and data related to your top performers to completely tailor recommendations.
Unlike traditional players, the Profile Match Score and Job Match Score are different. Moreover, these scores are not based on a simple keyword count but are probabilities. On the one hand, the Profile Match Score represents the probability of the candidate satisfying a job's requirements. On the other hand, the Job Match Score represents the candidate's probability of applying for a job position. In both cases, uses advanced deep learning and natural language processing techniques to calculate the score based on the candidate's entire career history and all job sections.

Job and Industry agnostic

For all industries, a single technology that understands both blue-collar and white-collar jobs, junior and senior positions.

32+ Languages

Match any profile to any job in 32+ languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and more.)

Custom AI Algorithms

Your culture and company are unique, so should your matching engine.

Data Debiasing

Training data is often biased by the world's long history of human prejudices. If an algorithm is trained on a biased training set, it will simply codify and amplify this bias. That's why we built a set of auditing algorithms to highlight and remove any potential biases from past data.

Algorithmic Auditing

Machine learning algorithms are not fair by default. That’s why we built inclusive models that ensure a high standard of fairness and mitigate the risk of unintended biases (allocation, representation, gender, ethnicity, stereotypes, and more.)

Continuous retraining

Using online learning, a process that enables a computer to learn continuously, our algorithms get smarter with every new data point, interaction and feedback.

Your return on investment

More qualified profiles
To increase and diversify talent pools
More relevant jobs
To attract and engage more candidates
Less time to fill a position
To grow your business

The Scoring API solves the problems you have with the other providers

Every time a prospect puts our technology head to head with a competitor, we win.

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Don't take our word for it

More generated interviews
Less unemployment time
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« The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted more than 12 million workers in France. The Scoring technology is helping us to match the recently laid-off workers to the 500,000 open opportunities in the whole country. »

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