Power Talent Management with Data and Connectivity

Source, Hire and Grow your workforce at scale with our revolutionary AI-Powered Talent Data Platform (TDP).

Global enterprises and the public sector trust HrFlow.ai with their talent transformation

The ultimate Talent Data pipeline

Make Data and Connectivity your competitive advantage
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Global enterprises and the public sector trust HrFlow.ai with their talent transformation

1. Unify data silos

Take control and connect your entire HR cloud stack and Talent systems. Create a single source of truth for accurate, up-to-date, clean, and standardized HR data.

2. Power data with AI

Activate the right AI for your use case. With our cleaning, parsing, tagging, embedding, tagging, searching, scoring, and upskilling AI capabilities uncover hidden talent, recommend overlooked opportunities, deliver great content, create a consumer-level experience, identify and solve skills gaps, grow your workforce, and future-proof your talent strategy.

3. Automate data workflows

Create scenarios that follow your instructions and business logic. Move profiles' and jobs' data between your web apps automatically. Scale from point-to-point integration to complex workflows, using conditional logic and processing billions of tasks in just milliseconds. We free you up to do the strategic things.

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Unifyprofiles and jobs from every touch point

Understandyour HR data with one AI product or more

Automatetedious tasks

Sources & Boards

Collect your profiles and jobs from every platform and load them quickly into HrFlow.ai .


Send your profiles and jobs to hundreds of tools: ATS, CRM, Analytics, for marketing, data warehouses, and more.

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Security at the core

Data security is at the top priority for HrFlow.ai. We invest in securing our infrastructure in close partnership with security experts and cloud providers. In 2018, HrFlow.ai (ex Riminder.net) has been recognized by Amazon AWS in the TOP8 of well architected infrastructure in France.
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Privacy by design

HrFlow.ai's infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting data runs on cloud architectures that meet the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements—such as GDPR. In 2017, HrFlow.ai (ex Riminder.net) has been recognized by Facebook   as one the leading private by design platforms in Europe.
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